Witkop Law Group (WLG) is a full service labor and employment defense firm specializing in the defense of workers’ compensation and related matters. Based in San Jose, WLG is centrally located to handle all Bay Area venues. WLG has active cases at all Northern California Workers’ Compensation Appeals Boards (WCABs) and many Southern California WCABs. WLG also participates in all major Alternative Dispute Resolution Programs, including Ironworkers, Basic Crafts and NECA/IBEW.

WLG takes a flexible, case-specific approach to each workers’ compensation claim. Whether its clients’ interests are best served by a prompt settlement or an aggressive defense, WLG identifies the intricacies of each case and provides its clients with several options, when possible. In every case, WLG looks to minimize client costs and exposure.

WLG combines big firm experience and technology with small firm service. Due to its civil law experience, including extensive labor and employment law involvement, WLG is able to provide a level of knowledge and service that is unique in the workers’ compensation defense community.