About Us

WLG is a Bay Area workers’ compensation defense firm that provides creative solutions for complex matters. Since its founding in 2008, WLG has provided exceptional service and legal representation to clients of all sizes.

The majority of WLG’s cases are at the Oakland, San Francisco, San Jose and Salinas WCABs. WLG also has a significant number of ADR files and defends cases in all major ADR programs.

WLG’s slogan “Defense by Design” embodies a case-specific approach to each assignment. WLG has distinguished itself as a small but sophisticated group of attorneys with several client-based awards and recognitions to its credit.  With a fully-staffed, physical office located in San Jose, WLG provides a level of service and responsiveness that is rare in the post-COVID workers’ compensation community.

WLG takes a “settlement first” approach to every case. If diplomacy fails, WLG has an impressive track record of litigation success. If you are interested in retaining WLG please contact us.