Featured Cases

WLG has dozens of published Noteworthy Panel Decisions and California Compensation Cases.  Several have been ranked as “top cases” by both Lexis and CAAA over the years.

WLG is best known for two particular cases that involved “work from home” and “home at work” injuries.  In Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority v. WCAB (Tidwell) (2017) 82 CCC 1514 an employee who worked exclusively from home was injured during the workday while using her home restroom.  In Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority v. WCAB (Cappucci) (2021) 86 CCC 287 an employee who spent the night in her vehicle on the employer’s premises was injured while using the employer’s shower.  These cases distinguish between acts that are personal and work-related.

Both cases are regularly cited for their relevance to California’s current work landscape.  Mr. Witkop predicted an increasingly mobile workforce and sought guidance when home-based injuries should be considered industrial.  Similarly, with the increasingly unaffordable cost of living in California, Mr. Witkop sought guidance when a transient lifestyle creates employer exposure.  Mr. Witkop has earned a reputation for litigating novel and interesting cases and, as a result, is regularly a panelist at symposiums throughout California.